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Send your specs for a quick quote

If you already know what type of fence necessary for your project, there are two ways to get a fast, free online quote. The first and quickest way is to include in your fax or email the style, color, and height of the fence. The exact number of posts, fence sections, number, and sizes of gates.


Also include any special post, picket caps, or other gate accessories such as self-closing hinges or latches. (For example, "I want fence style: Ashberry I in white, 12 post, 10 sections, (1) 4' wide gate with self-closing hinges, and a pool latch.")

Quote guidelines

Required information for your quote

The second and more accurate estimate you would need to submit a rough drawing, as seen in the sample image below.


On the drawing, please list the style, color, height, and mark the locations and sizes of gates. (Note: please show the dimensions rounded to the nearest foot).


If you are planning on installing the fence on you own, you will also need to list the degree of incline (rack) should the fence run up hill. Our standard sections rack approximately 7 deg, but we can custom make them to rack up to 30 deg.  

Please include your name, address, and phone number on your submission. The example below shows how your drawing should look. Your drawing does not need to be to scale; just be sure that your measurements are accurate.


If you have any questions while trying to put together your drawing or figuring out what you will need, please email us and someone will get you an answer quickly.

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A reminder about all quotes

All quotes for installed fences are only approximate. To get a final price, one of our sales associates will need to come to your project site and do final measurements to ensure a proper installation.


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